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Free house gift box template

October 13, 2016

Hi everyone! Here we are to make great handmade projects! Today we want to show us a great way to wrap a gift. Well, it’s not about wrapping it exactly, it’s more about to put it in a wonderful box.
As you can see in the image below, made by the instructions are very simple and easy: you have to print it (imprimir), cut it (cortar) and fold it (doblar).
We image that you are able to picture the result: a wonderful house shaped gift box. Put attention on the drawing placed at bottom right hand corner: This is the 3D shape you’ll have once the process is completed.


Free house gift box template 2

To download the full resolution template and print it, please, click on the following link: House Gift Box Template. We recommend to print it in a heavy paper, like poster board or cardboard to get better results.

The “zona superior” (upper zone) has the image of tile roof and the “zona inferior” (lower zone) pretend to be windows and doors house. Absolutely wonderful.

This gift box it’s a great idea to put candy inside and offer it to children. It’s also a good idea to put inside a small gift for a kid birthday party. After that, the kid can use the paper house to play with other toys and continue enjoying the present.
We hope you like it. As you can see, the making is really simple and you only need a heavy paper and, scissors and a color printer.


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