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How to wrap a gift with japanese furokoshi technique

October 20, 2016

Christmas is coming and we are ready for it! As you already know, this blog is about wrapping all kind of gifts using plenty of techniques.
Today we want to introduce you the technique named “furokoshi”, wich is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping and they used to use cloth and fabrics to transport clothes, gifts or other goods during his history and tradition.
Now, its a very trendy way to wrap a gift without using paper. So, here you have a tutorial, step by step, to learn a basic way to wrap a book or box using furokoshi.


How to wrap a gidft with japanaese furokoshi technique

As you can see in this tutorial created by en-rhed-ando is an easy and a very original way wrap a gift. It’s only about fold the cloth following the steps and, once you have finished, you hace a kind of box that you can open (or unfold).

I really like Furokoshi because, in a some way, you are offering two presents: the one inside and the fabric itself. They can reuse the fabric to keep wrapping gifts for other people or make wherever they want, as a bag, for example. So pay attention and chose a nice fabric to wrap the present.

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