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How to make a gift paper bags: a very easy tutorial

October 26, 2016

Hi everyone! We keep searching for new ways to wrap a gift. Today we want to focus on gift paper bags, so we have searched a nice and easy tutorial to make it and here you have it:

This video is made by INNOVA manualidades and it’s really great.
As you see, you only need a piece of paper, better if it is a coloured paper, whatever you like. Then, you have to fold it in 4 similar rectangles, follow the steps shown. After that, glue the top and bottom quarter and you will have the bag shape. Now, the most important thing is to make the bottom to have a 3D piece and be able to put something inside it. The measure used in the video is “three fingers”, or the equivalent, 4’5 cm or 1,77 inches. It’s hard to explain anhd very easy to follow, so we encourage you to watch the video because is full of little steps. Finally, you can fold the top of the bag like a fan, a paper fan and then you can push the center and make a bow shape. to close the paper bag, use a ribbon and tie it with a bow.
And voilĂ ! You already have a gift paper bag for different purposes, as baptism or communion little present or to wrap a gift DIY.

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