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Snowflake and reindeer gift box DIY with free template

November 8, 2016

Hi there! Less than month and a half left for Christmas, so here we are preparing ourselves to make the most beautiful packages!

We have found these wonderful snowflake and reinder cardboard gift boxes on Dare to DIY site that would be a wonderful packaging for a Christmas gift.

Snowflake and reindeer cardboard gift box DIY with template

How can could make these boxes? It’s very easy. Buy some white and brown cardboards and two markers, one red and one black. You have to print the pattern and you can make it on the cardboard itself to make this easier and faster. You can download the free pattern clicking the next link: Snowflake and reindeer gift box free template.

After thay, cut the box shape and fold along the lines until you have a 3D box completed. Finllay, draw the reindeer or caribou face on the top and there it is!

Enjoy this amazing DIY gift box and try to make it with kids because it’s easy and funny!

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