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Rudolph paper gift bag with free template

November 16, 2016

Hi everyone! How it is going? We are very excited about the Christmas’s season coming and we keep looking for new ways to wrap a gift. Today we have found this wonderful paper gift bag decorated with a reindeer, caribou or even Rudolph face.

La classe della maestra Valentina show us in her blog how to make it in a very simple way.


Reindeer or caribou gift paper bag tutorial DIY 2
What we need to make this wrapping?

  • A paper bag
  • Cardboard (dark and light brown, white, black, red, light pink and dark green)
  • Clothespin or clothes peg
  • Tiny bell
  • Glue

And thats all! First of all, you have to draw the reindeer on the cardboard. If you are not very good at drawing, here you have a simple template that you cant print this one by Coloring page.


Rudolph face template free dowload

After that, cut all the cardboard pieces and glue it. The next step is to glue the clothespin and the small bell on the back.

Reindeer or caribou gift paper bag tutorial DIY 3
And that’s all! The last step is to put the clothespin closing the paper bag. You can also add the paws in the bottom of the bag.

Reindeer or caribou gift paper bag tutorial DIY
So easy and so cute, don’t you think so? Remember to share it with your friends. Thanks for reading and we hope to see your soon here again!

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