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Furoshiki, wrapping a gift with cloths and just one knot (Video)

November 17, 2016

You may also know Furoshiki technique, the japanese art that consists in wrapping objets or gifts using clothes and knots.

In my opinion, it makes the present more valious and the fabric itself it’s also a gift. Today we encourage you to watch this video by Empaquetando Ando to learn how to wrap a box, like a smartbox, using furoshiki and with just onke knot, perfect for begginers. Here we go!

As you can see, we need a squared piece of cloth. Then, you place the box in the middle, but like if it was a rhombus and make a knot. Then, you make again another knot, but put attention in the way she does it. It’s very important in order to get the perfect looking knot… and that is it!

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