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Beautiful ideas to wrap a gift

November 18, 2016

Hello everybody! One more day here we are to show you differents ideas to wrap any kind of gifts. We hope to inspire you!

Today we have chosen 5 beautiful wrapping gifts ideas that seem original and beautiful to us, so here we go!


You can mix pink and golden ribbons, betther if they are bright, to decorate the gift. For it, use a base craft wrapping paper because this colour is very trendy and mixes very well with whatever colour you put over it. It looks so pretty!

Wrap a gift, pink and golden
Image by Layercake


Another good idea to decorate a gift is putting a paper bow on it. It’s even prettier if you make this bow using printed paper and you custom it writting the person name that you are going to offer the present.

Wrap a gift with paper box

Image by Ed White Photographic


Wow, it is getting better and better! This wrapping using a green branches is absolutely wonderful but please, do not cut from a plant! Pick them only if they are on the floor. If not, try to put dry branches or artificial plants.

Wrap a gift with green branches and name

Image by Project Wedding


These gift decorations using yellow, white and grey paper shapes are so modern! Absolutely up-to-date. We specially love the one with the tape measure and the one with the paper doilies or lace paper from bakery.

Wrap a gift with yellow, grey and white decorations

by Ed White Photographic


Maybe if it is a present for your dad or your brother, you can customize it by putting something very masculine over it lik e dotted bowtie! 😀  Just a gorgeous packaging!

Wrap a gift with paper bowtie
Image by Mondo Cherry
Have you liked these ideas? You can use it for birthday present, Christmas present, Fathers o Mother’s Day present… any chance is good to try these packaging ideas. Have a nice week-end!

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