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7 tricks to wrap a gift in the last minute!

November 21, 2016

I’m sure that the most part of us have lived a difficult situation when you have to wrap a present in the last minute… and you don’t have even a wrapping paper!

So you have these 7 amazing tricks to wrap a gift using materials and objects that you already have in your home, so let’s we take a look to this video by Hacking Life

The first one is use a paper cup to make a small paper box, you only have to cut the top in strips and fold them.

The second one is using regular white paper. The point here is to draw a big bow on the paper, your own and personal design, and it’s seems to be a original and fancy wrapping!

The third one trick is make little boxes using toilet paper rolls! Play attention to the way she folds the bottom. Then, fix it using a sticker or a fancy tape.

The fourth trick is very easy. Use whatever paper you have around (even from a clothes paper bag) and cut a rectangle with the size of a sheet of paper DIN A4. Then, fold it as you see on the video and make a paper bag. You can finish it with a ribbon, if you have. If not, glue it.

The fifth way to wrap a gift is using a napkin and making a bow, like we usually do when we use the furoshiki technique.

The sixth trick is decorate the wrapping with an easy made paper bow.

Finally, the seventh, is similar to the previous, but we are making a paper bowtie. Simple and fabulous!


We hope these tricks are useful to you and don’t panic if you have to wrap a gift in the last minute and the shops are closed, there will be always something in your home that you can use and reuse to this purpose. Have a nice monday!


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