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Some ideas to wrap a Valentine’s Day Gift

January 26, 2017

Hey! Today we keep looking for Valentine’s Day  gift wrapping ideas. You know that, sometimes, the wrapping it’s as important as the present itself. It’s also nice to make a great set to put the present, so let’s take a look to this idea.

Ideas to wrap a Valentine's Day Gift

We have found these ideas at Regalador. As you can see, the main idea is to wrap using red wrapping paper, put a kind of “belt” made by wavy or corrugated paper and then decorate it with a cardboard heart shape. Put attention because this is really nice: add a rose shaped candy in the middle, tie with the belt.

Then, let’s think about the “scene” or the set. It’s also a nice idea to surround the gifts with heart shaped balloons, paper petals and candles. It’s all so beautiful put together, right? Very romantic!

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