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Customized way to wrap a gift for a special person with his name stamped

January 30, 2017

There are plenty of ways to express our love for someone special yo us… with acts, words, kindness, but also qith a small and personalized gift and wrappings. It’s a little effort, but it shows that you take care for this personal and you spend your precious time to her or him.
As a exemple, let’s take a look at this wapping made by Un te quiero diferente .

Special and customized way to wrap a gift with a name 2

As you can see, first of all, we wrap the gift using paper craft, very trendy lately and great paper to customize. For example, we can stamp polka dots if it is a Birthday gift or small hearts if it is a Valentine’s Day Gift. After that, we can put string and handmade tags around it, but, the best thing is to stamp the name of the person.

How we can stamp the name? Very easy, we can use this abc stamp and soak it into a ink pad or acrylic paint. You can chose the colour you prefer.

Special and customized way to wrap a gift with a name

It’s also a good idea to put some ribbons at the endings.

Well, that’s all, enjoy the process because it’s really fun and send us some pics via Twitter @howtowrapgifts or Facebook How to Wrap a Gift. Thanks!


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