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DIY Animal (elephant, moose, bear, mouse, etc.) Gift Wrap: some wonderful ideas!

February 15, 2017

Hi everybody! Today we feel inspired and we want to claim our love for animals, any kind of them. In what way we can transfer this love into gift wrap? Very easy, by making animals gift wrap. Some of them are very original, funny and easy. So let’s take a look.

Animal gift wrap diy, an elephant
It is one of my favorites and it’s sooo easy to make! You just have to wrap the present with a light paper and glue a deflated balloon on the middle. Then, you have to draw an elephant shape around it using a market and that’s it.

Source: Welke


This one it’s specially recommended for Christmas’s present, but if you like reindeers, we encourage you to wrap a present like this whatever you want.

Source: Menetes bones

This teddy wrap is so so cute! As you can see, it’s very easy. Wrap the present using paper craft, then, put a ribbon and make a bow. Add some washi-tape with a nice print. Then, draw the smile, the nose and the eyes and, finally, put these two ears in a diferent colour. So lovely!

Source: Solsolito

Making a paper mouse it’s also a cute cute cute way to wrap a gift. You have to put attention to the way you wrap it because this triangular shape on the ends will be the mouse’s face, very easy to draw, by the way. Don’t forget to glue the tails and the ears!

Mommo design

Animal gift wrap diy, owl
Finally, we have this wonderful owl gift bag, also very easy to make. You can download the printable by visiting Lisa storms.

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