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A beautiful idea to Wrap a Mother’s Day Gift with paper flowers

April 2, 2018

The date of Mother’s Day celebration depends on the country where you live. If you are living in the United Kingdom, it is the fourth Sunday of Lent (26 March in 2017, just yesterday!). If you live in The United States of America, it is celebrated the second Sunday in May.

Whatever, we really want to write this post about Mother’s Day because it’s usually takes place on springtime and we are already on this season full of flowers, love and joy!

Let’s take a look at this beautiful and simple idea to wrap a Mother’s Day Gift. As usually, we recommend you an idea found at the Papelismo site.

Ideas to wrap Mother's Day gift with paper flowers
As you can see on the picture above, it’s about to put the gift in a box (You can make it yourself, too, using cardboard) and wrap ribbons or jute ropes over it. On the top, it would be beautiful to add some paper flowers.
Make these paper flowers it’s also easy. You only have to cut long paper ribbon and wrap it. We recommend gluing using a hot glue gun after a couple of turns to be sure that it is fixed and secured. We also suggest you to use different kind of papers from old books, newspapers, magazines, cardboards in several colors… Then, mix it and the composition would be great.
It will look even more beautiful if you add some paper leaves under the paper flowers. We are sure that your mom will appreciate the effort you have put on it.
If you are the owner of a present or gift shop, you can offer to your costumers this special wrapping and earn some extra money with an handcrafted and customized present wrapping, but you have to had the paper flowers composition already

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